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The first camera to land in my hands was a Kodak Instamatic. It was Christmas 1963. I was in the 3rd grade and little did I know it was the first in a long line of cameras. A camera has always played a documentary role in my primary endeavors which included playing music, hiking in Yosemite, running roads in New York and dancing in Oregon. I have only moved it to the foreground of my pursuits as physical injuries have put an end to my former primary interests. It seemed like the perfect transition into a new stage of my life

Fast forward several years: I now I have a Canon camera and gear to keep my mind engaged and inspired. Southern Oregon is scenic and is a continual resource to explore. I am also finding more time to travel, meet new people and expand my photographic knowledge.

We all have life transitions to go through. Photography has helped me to reinvent myself and I hope it will help others as well if they have that path to travel. Through this web site, I hope my visions inspire others down a journey of creativity.